Do things that make money Senegal Phone Number or things that are valuable?

Because the essence of motivation is whether users. Can get substantial benefits from the productwhich is consistent with the original intention of users to use. The product (from which to obtain physical, Senegal Phone Number emotional, safety, etc.),

such as: what kind of needs of users are. Met (such as social networking, shopping, entertainment, etc.), what kind of problems do users. Solve (such as meeting new friends, getting current season trends, etc.), or just getting some rewards or. Benefits from products (such as red envelopes, check-in, etc.) .

Needs of Users Are

What interaction needs to do is to maximize these. Motivations, so that users can know at the first Senegal Phone Number time whether they meet their .personal needs or what benefits they can get from them,

so as to further promote corresponding behaviors. (such as clicks, swipes, shares, likes, etc.) . Implemented to a specific level can be expressed Sr as (the most common are listed here). Optimizing the information layout of the page,

combining user needs and business needs. Arranging the priority of information, and constructing an information. Layout form that is beneficial to stimulating user behavior.

Optimizing the Information

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Raise the level of information that stimulates. Key user behaviors. On top of a reasonable information layout, raise the level that is most likely. To trigger user behavior. Strengthen the guidance of users’ core operating points (such as button text, icons. Colors, and animations, etc.). For example: in e-commerce applications, the core goal of a product is to increase.

Gmv, and to achieve this goal Senegal Phone Number, it is necessary to stimulate users’ shopping desires and generate behaviors, and build a. Series of points that promote users’ purchasing behaviors,

such as: eye-catching search, clear category. Navigation, waterfall product display, and various buttons with clear guidance, etc., these are the amplification. And landing of interaction designers to stimulate users’ shopping behavior.

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