Domestika Breakfasts: Conversations about Design in Peru

Daniela nicholson and goster starred in a conversation surrounded by colors and peruvian talent on september 21, the second edition of domestika breakfasts of peru was held at the mario testino museum in lima a series of conversations on design, art and creativity in which attendees have breakfast with the ideas of the speakers and a good cereal. On this occasion, words, brands and design were celebrated as transforming and mobilizing agents. Daniela nicholson shared her strategic gaze and goster approached life from the visual. Both speakers found creative inspiration in music, film and books as a common point. Domestika breakfasts conversations about design in peru 1 daniela nicholson and goster words, design and connection the first to enter the huge bowl of cereal was daniela nicholson , founder and creative director of sed estudio .


Domestika Breakfasts Conversations About Design.

She began her path as a designer in a selftaught way, giving photo background removing away logos to everyone, and years later she became a creative writer in some advertising agencies, at which time she discovered branding . Daniela shared her professional history, from her beginnings as a communicator to her career as a designer. She started with the phrase words and brands , emphasizing the relevance of the story. Behind the brands, tell and represent what is behind them. He commented that “words connect with people” as a contextual and. Strategic basis for everything designers do, and placed special emphasis on typography “behind the word is typography, there are concepts and there are stories that connect with a brand” .

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Received Postcards Designed by the Speakers.

He also shared his influences, highlighting BTB Directory different books by roald dahl and gabriel garcía márquez and the filmographies of akira kurosawa, wong karwai and almodóvar films have aesthetic and emotional loads that can give brushstrokes and combinations of color and rhythm that can influence at work, he said. Finally, he left a clear message for the attendees, whom he advised “learn to use more words when designing” . Domestika breakfasts conversations about design in peru 3 danielle nicholson love for. Punk and design it was the turn of josé antonio mesones , better known as goster . Graphic designer with 23 years of experience and founding partner of. Partnrs , goster is a regular participant in the iberoamerican design biennial and has been nominated three. Times for a grammy in the best record packaging section .

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