Don’t Give Up the Job Board Just Yet

If you’re itching to change jobs, you really need to be wary of the hype and fantasy surrounding social media.The reason is simple – on the face of it, it could ruin your job search! But understand it well and it can certainly spark your desire to further your career. There are too many people touting a “new reality” based more on self-interest than actual facts. Take a listen to these snake oil businessmen and your chances of a successful career change may drop. “Why is that?” I hear you ask. Quite simply because social media is overhyped by those with financial interests — and trends are skewed. I have financial interests in both the job board and the social media department, which is an unusual position. I have no interest in talking about one at the expense of the other. So here’s my inside scoop on what’s really going on…

Search, select and  Search Been Called Search. 

Recruiters have always had two different approaches to filling their vacancies. One is a very proactive approach of researching the pool of potentially suitable candidates and approaching target candidates directly, regardless of any indication that these candidates are open to the idea of ​​a career change. There are variations of this approach, but broadly speaking Recruiters advertise in some form or form canada email address list they are looking to recruit (through newspapers, job boards, career pages, or recruiting events). They then select from among the final applicants the applicant who best meets the specified recruiting requirements for the role. It goes without saying that selection methods broadly limit recruiters from considering candidates who are already actively seeking career advancement. In contrast, a search opens up an entire candidate market for consideration. 

The vast majority of employers entering the search

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Data accessed through social media profiles means any recruiting firm or employer can. Now participate in searches that were once the preserve of proprietary databases owned by elite executive search firms. This applies to LinkedIn, Twitter, andgoogle+ profiles, to name a few. Many employers have built in-house recruiting teams to take care of this. So from a candidate’s perspective, having a well-crafted social media profile is key. The real search, however, involves mapping out the entire group of qualified candidates. And then cold-calling or being recommended to the most suitable candidates in order to start the conversation. Few employers actually do this – so headhunters still have . A market they can serve. The creation of a new way of recruiting a notch below real search. Is the real revolution that social media has brought about.




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