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The photo below of the center of The New Zealand Phone Number Hague is an example of this. Example sharp photo However, this photo appears much smaller than 2560 pixels here. You can see that if you open this image in a new tab and zoom in. This photo is 2560 pixels wide, and will New Zealand Phone Number be placed here that is 770 pixels wide. That is something you want to avoid, because it is best to display the photos on a website at 100%. As you can see in the image below, you can choose how you post a photo on a site. In this New Zealand Phone Number WordPress environment you can choose to display the photo in full size. Preview photo full size That way you don’t have to place the photos larger than necessary in terms of KBs. Google doesn’t like that.

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Your visitors also do not benefit from extra download KBs. So make sure that photos that are no bigger than the place that the New Zealand Phone Number photo gets on your site. The photo below looks the same as the photo above. But it is a different file, with a width of 770 pixels. So those pixels correspond to the space that the photo gets on this site New Zealand Phone Number and is therefore displayed at 100%. The advantage is that this photo is only 138 kB instead of the above version which is 485 kB. Example of a smaller size photo New Zealand Phone Number Resize photos for your website Have you received a photo from your colleague, photographer or customer that you would like to post online.

New Zealand Phone Number

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Then see how many pixels that photo New Zealand Phone Number has and how much space that photo gets on your site. Photos are quickly a few MBs. Those photos are therefore not immediately suitable to place on your site. Photos of a few MBs are way too large, both in pixel size and New Zealand Phone Number weight. So make sure you resize those photos to the size that the photo will get on your website. Do you already know the width of the photos New Zealand Phone Number on your website? Then you can also ask for the photos exactly in that pixel format. It is not too difficult for a photographer to provide several versions of the same photos. That way, photos are the perfect pixel size and generated from the source file.

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