Drive Traffic and Test

Using these three pages you can essentially

test out your entire sales funnel without ever creating your product and start to address any user objections prior to any upfront investment. It will give you the chance to gauge user interest as they move through the different stages of your website eventually resulting in a purchase decision.

I’d recommend using a landing page builder to create these pages since they often come with things like A/B testing, analytics, and working forms. Obviously feel free to use any other tool that you like, or alternatively to code it up yourself using HTML, CSS, and maybe a little PHP.

Step 3:

Once your three pages are up it’s time to flood them with traffic to see if people actually want to buy.

Luckily up until this point you’ve spent zero dollars, so you can afford to spend a little budget on paid ads.

The two main avenues you can use are either Facebook Ads or Google AdWords.

I’d recommend using

AdWords since you’ll be able to target users Founder Email Lists with an intent to buy rather than targeting based on demographics alone. What’s best will vary depending on the type of product or service you’re offering and whether people are actively searching for your product.

Founder Email Lists

If you decide to go the AdWords route, focus on long tail keywords (keywords over 3-4 words) since they’ll help narrow in on users with higher purchase intent rather than users searching for generic information.

In Buffer’s case, they could have bid on the keywords “social media scheduling” rather than “social media”.

If you go the Facebook route, try targeting fans of similar products if the product exists, if not then narrow your demographic details using the “narrow audience” function until you have an audience around 200,000.

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