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Give away their ideas for free

In the past giving away any of your ideas for Media Directors Email Lists free was seen as foolish and dangerous.

The risk was perceived as the donation of your “intellectual property” to your competitors. Digital businesses such as Hubspot have proved this myth to be false.

Sharing your ideas builds credibility and trust.

Revealing the idea is one thing but executing it is another. The rude truth is that your ideas are not that new and your competitors already know.

Media Directors Email Lists

The cold calling that we knew (and loved to hate) is dying out. And not too soon. Impressions were the old metric. Measureable action is the new gold data. The digital and content rich social web has given us other tools and tactics.

But many are trapped in the marketing habits of the past.

Vanity metrics that don’t have any real meaning except that someone maybe saw your brand mentioned.

9. Use the smartest minds

The old model of all your employees being on the payroll and under the same roof has started to disintegrate. Multi-million dollar businesses such as 37 Signals (the creators of the software BaseCamp) and many others have broken that model.

Tools such as Skype, Google Docs and Dropbox have provided the tools for global business. You don’t need your smartest minds to occupy a desk nearby or even your country.

It will also require you to let go of rigid policies that all people need constant supervision. It’s more about a trust economy.

10. Aren’t afraid of co-opetition

Working on your own and being independent is great but there is a problem. It takes time to scale. The social and transparent web reveals your competitors and potential partners. In the past they were hidden and buried.

Business partners that can accelerate your growth are often already dealing with your potential customers. Working with them can transform your revenue.

Co-opetition is the new black of marketing.

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