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And that is exactly what you will Oman Phone Number need in the hybrid labor market. Interactive, giving the candidate self-direction and stimulating all the senses. It is in the making (at Experience Republic) because I’ve seen it and this is Oman Phone Number next level labor market communication that the Netherlands will love. CV is dying Living on the edge ! I’m just predicting against my better judgement. The resume is dying. This has been Oman Phone Number predicted 100 times by many experts in the last ten years and it has never come true. But if I’m writing my trend article for 2022, I must of course be wrong somewhere.

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Mind you, I have seen many initiatives Oman Phone Number in the past year that sincerely want to replace the CV with a much better alternative. After all, a resume is just a list of things I never want to do again (according to Patrick Boonstra). TikTok Oman Phone Number Social Media recruitment is hot and how can we recruit young sprouts without the world’s fastest growing social media channel, TikTok. Personally, I already get bumps from Oman Phone Number this app when my 7 year old daughter opens it. Anyway, I still use the phrase ‘the bomb’ and she doesn’t think that’s very hip. Just deal with it. If you want to reach the youngest target group, you go with the newest channels.

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Image of someone on TikTok, one of the recruitment trends. What a tough year we’ve had Focus mainly on the large changing labor market that we are entering and take advantage of this in the field of HR and recruitment. Every change also Oman Phone Number brings serious opportunities. You just have to see them. Enjoy the holidays and stay healthy. Curious how many I turned out to be right at the end of next year. Now to the Action!Do you feel Oman Phone Number like you are standing still professionally? In uncertain times we often don’t dare to take steps, because shouldn’t you be grateful that you still have work.

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