“E-Booking” Empowers Them to Book Products Online

Email + location

As explained in our last post, the goal Administration Directors Email Lists of omni-channel is to tighten the gap between online and offline. To generate traffic in-store, brands have several options. “Click-and-collect” allows customers to order online and have a delivery in-store.  and come in a store to try them on before buying them.

Administration Directors Email Lists

Some brands provide their customers with maps on their websites so they can find the closest shop. Email intelligence can go further. Brands can insert a live map directly into their emails. The map will be updated based on each opener’s location to always show the nearest store.

Email + location + device

Two channels are often used simultaneously by customers to decide whether to buy a product or not. Actually 76% of online customers used their mobile in-store in 2015. One’s might use his phone in a shop to check a product’s customer reviews for example.

Email intelligence detects each opener’s device and location to adapt the email in real-time. If someone opens an email on mobile when one’s is close to a shop, it will display a barcode to scan in-store. If someone else opens this email on desktop near a shop, it will then promote “click and collect” in this store.

Email + location + product feed + moment of the day

Email intelligence tightens the gap between online and offline. Product feed data can also be leveraged. It allows companies to display the closest store stocks directly into the email. To do so, location data at the moment-of-open are collected to identify the closest shop. Email intelligence connects all channels. It allows brands to always display the most relevant content for each person.

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