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Agile resilience Slide: ways to increase Bahrain Phone Number your own resilience And not only does this help you to ‘stand stronger’. You can also better empathize with how the people you coach experience fear or resistance. In a break-out room a participant told me a nice anecdote. Scrum was introduced in the company where he Bahrain Phone Number scrum master training. This bothered him so much that he left. A few years later, he had now embraced the agile philosophy of his own accord and had become an agile coach. And he could then deal with people with resistance like no other, because he could really empathize with them.

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Conclusion: people come before processes And with the agile adage ‘people and their mutual interaction before processes and tools’ in mind, the message of all speakers at this online conference is the following: although frameworks and Bahrain Phone Number transformation roadmaps are useful, the secret of successful transformation lies in the people and the undercurrent. Because as long as those people suffer from – as Scrum.org CEO Dave Bahrain Phone Number West calls it – ‘anti-value stuff’ such as conflict, politics and psychological insecurity, they will not get to what it is all about: delivering value for the organization.Next week, the Americans will elect a new president.

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Most people I know look on in amazement: how does a man like Donald Trump manage to get half the population behind him? But with the current uncertainty, due to corona and the upcoming recession, we should also be wary of Trumpian traits Bahrain Phone Number within our own organizations. Below I discuss five of them – and how to Bahrain Phone Number counter them. 1. The strong leader 2. Everything used to be better 3. Only wanting to hear what suits you 4. Those rules don’t apply to me 5. Shout out in social media bubbles Do something.

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