Engage People Directly

70 percent of the buying process is now complete

As important as the tools you select, you must Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists engage your audience directly. Success on Twitter and other social media, for instance, is usually sparked by inviting reactions to your content and replying to prospects that do show an interest. This engagement process leads to conversations, and potentially a meeting. I’ve often used this method for engaging with people on a one-to-one basis, and been extremely successful with it.

Social Selling

Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists

This online engagement has become what we all now know as “Social Selling”. Ultimately, it’s about building relationships.

The challenge sales people have is using it in a manner that will add value to the buyer – from the start of the buying process. But it is a skill that all sales people need to learn – and learn quickly. If you are not using social selling on a regular basis, you are behind your best competitors.

SiriusDecisions have also stated that by the time a prospect is ready to engage with sales. Sales is changing and unless you are willing to change your methods, you, my friend, are going to get left behind.

Employee Advocacy

I also believe that sales has moved outside of the realm of just the sales person. It’s no longer good enough for a company to rely solely on the sales guy to be responsible for sales. It is also the responsibility of each and every person working in the organisation – starting at the top. And the best way to do that is through employee advocacy. Your teams and peers and bosses should all be engaging on a regular basis with your content and your potential prospects.

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