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Advertisers had reason to be excited when Instagram Graphic Design announced the launch of full-screen vertical Stories ads in March. Story ads are an alternative to News Feed ads, and while it still works, it loses some of its novelty. They also became more competitive instagram stories ads image via statista last september. Instagram’s 2 million monthly active advertisers (up from. 1 graphic design million in march ’17 to 200,000 in february ’16) were added to the news feed. Story ads are not only a new placement, but an enticing one. Advertisers suddenly have access. To a super immersive format – the same format that future instagram tv advertisers expect. When they finally monetize the platform full screen vertical. Immersive. 400 million instagram accounts. (whether businesses or regular consumers) use stories to keep their followers informed about.

Their Activity Story Ads Give Advertisers Graphic Design

Their activity. Story ads give advertisers coveted Graphic Design access to that audience. The results we will get are encouraging. They also bode well for facebook story ads, which are set to drop soon. Today, we’re going to give you a full rundown – how instagram stories work, how to set Graphic Design it up, and how to use it with your existing news feed ads to improve your return on ad spend. What are instagram stories ads? Instagram stories ads exist within instagram stories, which sit at the top of your newsfeed. Of course, instagram stories themselves are also fullscreen and vertical, so when you watch them, all you see on your mobile device is the content itself. When one story ends (either by its simple end or by your manual swipe), the next story begins. This way, once you’ve adopted the format, you can easily access a .


Content Story Ads Exist as Dividers Between Graphic Design

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Content story ads exist as dividers between the Graphic Design stories themselves – however, as with news feed ads, it can be difficult to distinguish them from other organic Graphic Design content in the format: instagram story ads example they look like organic posts, aside from the meaning of “Sponsorship” and the possible added value of production. You’ll also notice in the image above that stories ads enable you to link within your posts – in the world of organic posts, this feature is reserved for accounts that are verified or have 10,000 followers. To access your post link, users simply swipe up on the cta arrow, which takes them to your landing page. If you’re interested in using this feature (if you want to send leads to a product page, blog, or lead form), then

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