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Therefore, That’s why we created Shopify Markets. To help you easily sell online and from one place, to anyone, no matter where they are in the world. Shopify Markets helps you scale and optimize your international strategy with everything. You need to easily identify, create, and manage international markets from your Shopify admin. With Shopify Markets, you can reach new customers around. The world in just a few clicks, increase sales with personalized shopping experiences by market. And optimize your business for cross-border selling. Features of Shopify Markets coins Languages Domains. And SEO Payment methods Import duties.

And taxes at the time of payment Turnkey market optimization Configurable market areas. Custom prices by market [Button: Login to start using the markets]. Increase sales with the language of conversion Shopify Markets helps you localize your online store. Therefore, By creating tailored experiences for your customers with currencies, languages. Domains, and payment methods that build trust and drive conversion. Shopify Markets. Everything your ecommerce needs to sell around the world 3 coins. Your international customers expect to seamlessly shop in their local currencies.

Domains Increase Your Store’s Visibility

And our own data shows that stores. That price their products Belize whatsapp number list  in their customers. Local currency increase their conversion rates by up to 40%. Shopify Markets: Everything your ecommerce needs to sell around the world 4 By using Shopify Payments – list of countries where it is available -, Shopify Markets allows you to automatically convert your store prices to more than 130 international currencies and round them based on the latest exchange rates. From storefront and checkout to notifications and refunds, Shopify Markets provides a consistent multi-currency experience so your international customers can shop with confidence.

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Languages A survey of 8,709 global consumers in 29 countries revealed that 65% prefer content in their language when shopping online, and 40% would not even consider buying from websites in other languages. Our own data shows a 13% relative increase in conversion when showing shoppers a shop translated into their own language compared to one in a foreign language. Shopify Markets makes it easy to translate your store by using third-party translation apps that support a mix of manual and machine translation. Like currencies, languages ​​work consistently throughout the store to give your customers a comprehensive localized experience.

Manage International Markets

Domains and SEO International domains increase your store’s visibility in search engines, help attract new customers and drive conversion. Shopify Markets makes setting up a region-specific domain strategy easy by automatically creating subfolders when you create a new market. This means that your Spain market can be in example .es, while your US market in example. com. You can also choose to set a subdomain. Or a country domain (example. es -only for Spain-) according to your preferences. Whatever you choose, Shopify automatically sets the proper SEO tags so that your international shoppers see the correct domain in their search results. In cases where automatic redirects do not work properly (such as in the EU, where automatic redirection of visitors is not allowed).

The geolocation application may ask customers to choose the correct market based on their address IP. Shopify Markets: Everything your ecommerce needs to sell around the world 5 Online payment methods Online payment methods can greatly influence purchasing decisions. In some regions, customers prefer to pay using services they know and trust, which varies around the world . Offering your international customers local payment methods can have a significant impact on conversion. For example, our own data showed that adding Bancontact as a payment method led to a significant increase (150 basis points) with Belgian shoppers. When using multiple currencies, Markets makes it easy to incorporate major European payment methods into the checkout process to help reduce abandoned carts.


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