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Opportunities are there UK Phone Number if you can really fine-tune collaboration tools to your specific organization. In many cases, it’s not the system that makes the difference, but the way you use it. This really requires a good elaboration beforehand and long-term supervision of the use. Always make clear what and how you use the UK Phone Number tool as an organization. Think, for example, of the different ways in which you can use an internal social network. If you only see this as a social place to find a hiking or carpool buddy, it will work UK Phone Number just fine in a family culture. But in other organizations, it will neither get off the ground.

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But do you use such a UK Phone Number platform to quickly share interesting information and articles about competitors and new developments in your field? Then this can be extremely valuable for an organization with a market culture or to move your organization towards a more external orientation. Read further Look especially UK Phone Number at digital (collaboration) from the most important angle, namely the digital experience of your employees: digital employee experience (#DEX). The following articles were previously UK Phone Number published in our series on digital employee experience: What is digital employee experience (#DEX) ? Which different perspectives on #DEX are relevant?

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Should be involved in #DEX? What is UK Phone Number the role of the intranet in digital employee experience? Digital (co-)working is more than just video calling at the dining table. Is Office 365 the solution for your digital workplace? How did 2,000 people experience working from home for 8 weeks ? We invite you to respond. Feel free UK Phone Number to ask your questions below. Working digitally faster and smarter: that’s how you do it! Do you have endless to-do lists, and overfull agenda, and an abundance of (digital) information flows? In the 1-hour online course, you will discover how to organize your working day efficiently and UK Phone Number purposefully.

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