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Growth Opportunities Don’t be afraid to let Algeria Phone Number juniors participate in the decision-making process and to give employees room to develop. Are you not encouraging this, or are you holding it back? Then you create Algeria Phone Number stagnation within the organization. And remember that knowledge and skills have a limited shelf life, but attitude and fit with the organization remain. 4. Mental Balance Are there team members who need to focus on specific tasks, such as programming or setting up a strategy? Then a DoorwerkTuesday can offer a solution.

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On this day, employees are given all the space they need to work undisturbed. There are no scheduled meetings and questions are Algeria Phone Number accepted by the team manager and pushed through the next day. Do you want to give employees time slots to work undisturbed? Agree on a certain sign throughout the organization, for example a certain emoticon after your name in Slack, which means do not disturb. Of course, going offline from channels such as Slack and mail is also an option, but as an organization you can also proactively play a role in encouraging single -tasking. This only works if you take it seriously as management. 5. Physical health Help employees make healthy choices. Encourage standing meetings or suggest taking a walk for a coffee moment or check-in conversation.

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Make sure leaders take the lead in this. 6. Social contact Organize your activities, make clear the link to the why. Employees learn to see connections and understand the intention behind an activity. Below is an inspiring example from TV Algeria Phone Number Danmark. 7. Choose the right leaders An expert is usually very perfectionist and expects a solution that is already ready in his own head. Because it ‘is and must be so’. It is not surprising that this does not inspire and motivate employees. You should be happy that there are people on your team who are smarter than you. – Barack Obama. The role of the manager Remember that leadership is coaching. Whether you’re a director of an SME or a manager of a team, employees expect direction from a leader.

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