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And that they always try to deliver a Azerbaijan Phone Number perfect product. It is then interesting to let them start a conversation about when ‘good enough’ is also good, especially in an agile context. Tactical messages You can of course also apply the colors yourself and adapt your message tactically to someone’s color. With someone with a Azerbaijan Phone Number preference for red you are short and direct and absolutely not vague. With someone with a preference for blue, you are well prepared and you are not lighthearted about things that Azerbaijan Phone Number are important to this person. Insights profiles The Insights Discovery colors.

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Get started with the system While it’s tempting to focus on each individual’s behavior. It’s even more interesting to look at the whole system. Jobbeke de Jong of Tachles explained perfectly what systems thinking is all about. We humans are part of a system in several ways: our family, our family, our group of friends and therefore also our Azerbaijan Phone Number work team. And the crazy thing about such a work team is that it has a different purpose than those other systems. A work team has a task-oriented goal. But those other systems mainly have a relationship-oriented goal: connection or love connects the parts of such a system.

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The relational aspect in a work team Because we as people are used to this. The relational aspect is also very important to us in a work team. We want to have a place in the group. And so often the energy in a work team often goes not so much to the Azerbaijan Phone Number tasks, but to the mutual, underlying interactions and relationships. And although we (in the upper stream) do talk about goals, targets, tasks and agreements, the lower stream is about those relationships. As a result, the team fails to achieve results and becomes frustrated. As an agile coach, you can identify this behavior and intervene if necessary. It is important to realize that in a system all behavior has a function.

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