Facebook Marketing Strategy: the Complete Guide [2019]

Designing a Facebook marketing strategy can be a challenging marketing campaign. Facebook has come a long way as a platform since its inception. From connecting college students at several colleges to playing a major role in the. Presidential election, the viral social media platform has been in the public eye. Over the past few decades, facebook’s developers have added. So many interesting features that no one expected when the platform launched in February 2004. Today, about 1.5 billion people use Facebook every day to connect with the world. They share photos, status updates, chat with friends. In short, Facebook is their main source of communication. In the age of the gig economy, Facebook also provides a livelihood. For many freelancers who make a living online.

 Define your target audience Marketing Campaign

One of the biggest challenges of any marketing campaign is defining the target audience. You can’t simply keep showing your ads and posts. Random people who aren’t interested in your offers and services. For example, if you are the Chile WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists sports equipment store. Your target audience should be local players, schools, colleges, etc. Otherwise, you’ll be spending your money in vain. A specific audience will greatly increase your sales. Therefore, you need to define certain demographics to filter users and target only those. Profiles that belong to that demographic. Where do people live? How old are they? What occupation do they have? What are their names?

Make sure you have an optimized Facebook page

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Even if you’ve worked hard to define your audience, you should still figure out why you’re advertising in the first place. It can be creating awareness for your brand, generating leads for your business, installing your mobile app, watching your videos, downloading materials from your website, signing up for a newsletter, and more. These goals define how your ads will perform and which metrics you should keep an eye on in your Facebook Ads Manager dashboard. For example, if you’re generating leads for your business, you should pay less attention to how many people view your ad. Instead, the ideal metric for lead generation campaigns is cost-per-lead or cost-per-click. 


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