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Look at human behavior Empiricism Austria Phone Number requires observation. The most important data of the agile coach therefore consists of behaviour: actually observable behaviour. The tricky part is interpreting that Austria’s Phone Number behavior correctly. Because everyone is different, reacts differently and you also see from your own perspective. A first step is to look for more context in the behavior of the other person. Insights Discovery was therefore highlighted at the Agile Coach Conference . This Jung-based color language gives you Austria Phone Number insight into a person’s psychological preferences introverted and extroverted, thinking and feeling.

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But there are of course more, such as MBTI, DISC , Management Drives or good old Belbin. I have to report that there is a lot of criticism about these kinds of color tests. Mainly due to the fact that they are not scientifically substantiate and Austria Phone Number because we no longer look beyond the colors. I heard someone say the other day: “I have a very blue colleague.” That is stigmatizing and removing rather than binding. But still, if we see them as tools, what use are these tools for you as an agile coach? Also read: Agile transformation is inevitable. How do you do that successfully.

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Understanding, Collaboration and Performance If team members gain insight into each other’s preferences and motivations, they can better interpret each other’s behavior and respond better to it. This improves mutual understanding, collaboration Austria Phone Number and ultimately performance. You can therefore use such a tool in a useful way for team coaching. How is the team put together? And the team as a whole can do something with it too. If an IT team discovers that blue is a dominant color for many team members, chances are they have a significant drive for perfection.

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