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Although a video account is a  public identity. WeChat balances users’ dual needs for public expression and privacy. In WeChat, you can directly enter the video account of your friend; but in the video account, you cannot directly add the other person as. Also, a friend. 2. Why does the video account need to be made public? The  characteristic of Cambodia Phone Number WeChat is privacy. When Weibo was in full swing,

eChat was able to rise because the public was no longer satisfie with only public expressions. They also need a private space to communicate with close. Also, friends, and WeChat satisfie their private communication. demand. The Commercial Value of WeChat Video Accounts (Part 1) Therefore, more private functions in WeChat are more popular than open functions.

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For example: “visible in three  days” and “visible in groups” in the circle. Also, of friends are very popular, and the “watching” function of articles makes. Also, many people Cambodia Phone Number more cautious when clicking. The Commercial  Value of WeChat Video Accounts (Part 1) However, WeChat cannot only have a private function. Otherwise, even if Cambodia Phone Number WeChat covers

1.4 billion users across the country, the content can reach only 1.4 billion users at most, and business imagination is limit. Only by connecting isolat individuals while ensuring privacy, can the flow of content be accelerat and greater value be exerte. Why do video numbers need to be made public? We can think at 3 levels:

1. From a user experience perspective If the video number is only visible to friends.

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Then it is no different from  sending a small. Also, video in the circle of friends and the “video dynamic” (original name: Moment Video) that is automatically delete in 24 hours. 2. From the perspective of content Cambodia Phone Number dissemination Open video accounts can enhance the richness of content consumption and content production.

On the one hand, video account. Also, viewers can see videos release by creators on the entire network on the recommendation page; on the other hand, videos release by creators also have the opportunity to reach users across the network through public domain leverage, which is beneficial to high-quality creators. growing up. 3. From the perspective of video number positioning.

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