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Web_button_share_sheet over $9.1 billion, of which nearly $3.5 billion was invested in clothing. Followed by millionaires on candy, decorations items such as souvenirs. Cards and invitations. Horrible timing. Halloween and its marketing may be overshadowed. By other celebrations in the business strategy calendar, such as the aforementioned Christmas or Mother’s Day. However, Halloween has a stronger connection to its followers than the aforementioned celebrations, as it is more of a lifestyle that erupts on that day than a familiar or institutionalized celebration like the one mentioned above.

A great effect of strategic planning activities is to allocate promotional resources to seasons when we know there will be greater demand for the product. Halloween is a must that every company should try to engage with their customers or followers more clearly. Take advantage of strong sales in the last quarter of the year and make your brand fit for Halloween Different ways to shop for Halloween Halloween fans love to use this theme to personalize their space and their best friends, their pets. Mexico is no exception, with an estimated 20 million people grooming their pets.

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That Halloween lovers will be making that Austria whatsapp number list day. Eager to find promotions in their supplies to celebrate. Therefore, it is necessary to take your brand beyond, for the celebration, but also for your customers. You don’t have to sell Halloween-related products. You can sell this experience through promotions or product offers. One effective way is through coupons or discount codes. Let your customers know there are multiple ways they can buy: phone, email, website or social network. High internet consumption during Halloween Halloween lovers are very active in finding popular themes and inspiration for their costumes and decorations. Over 35% of consumers browse the internet before making a final purchase.

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For this reason, it’s a good idea in social networks where you can suggest how to use your product or service to make clothing or help make clothing. A rising star in this space is Pinterest, which has increased the percentage of visits from people looking for clothing, clothing or decor inspiration year after year. In this season, almost 15% of searches happen in this app. How to Promote Yourself on Halloween It’s important to generate storytelling, that is, stories that are told within your brand values. The story can be told from a central creative concept that supports seasonal events in your business marketing strategy.

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Locate this Halloween story on your Halloween fans’ radar. The work you do interacting with them this season will pay off throughout the year. If possible, start your strategy week in the first week of October. Consumers started buying this week, with nearly 41% buying mid-month. A great tool for landing Halloween is the ability to use the landing page on your website and fill out a form for customers to fill in their information and we can offer them discount coupons. You can also run this option on social networks. Information from these types of customers is invaluable to your business. At the same time, you can build loyalty to your brand in consumer behavior.

You can redirect coupons to spend in virtual or brick-and-mortar stores, for promotions across the entire store or on specific services or products. For example, with this tool or by validating promo codes, you can monitor this database throughout the year through electronic marketing campaigns and newsletters. Ideas for Selling More on Halloween Despite Covid-19 and the space and connection constraints it brings, we can’t ignore an offline marketing strategy: decorate everything! Personalize every corner of your store or venue with Halloween graphics. If possible, make Halloween versions of your products. Form alliances with businesses related to Halloween, such as haunted houses or cosmetics or clothing supply stores.

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