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Sipsmith does not have a separate Australia Phone Number budget for influencer marketing. It’s built into everything we do. For example, at the beginning of the year we had the Hot Gin Roof at the Australia Phone Number Ham Yard Hotel in London. We run the event in three phases: first a media and influencer night, then an industry night, before the consumer event.

This approach was successful. During the Australia Phone Number media and influencer night, we benefited from 80 organic posts. And, by prioritizing media and influencer evenings, they were able to Australia Phone Number share exclusive content with their audiences.

Own Creative Series

As a result, our clients get a glimpse Australia Phone Number of their evening’s anticipation days in advance, and in turn share these posts online with their friends and family.

We don’t have to set aside a budget for Australia Phone Number influencer campaigns. We do this activity for consumers anyway. The campaign aims to drive the publicity of Sipsmith; to drive the publicity of the Ham Australia Phone Number Yard Hotel and provide 1,500 people with an unforgettable experience they can then share with their friends. All this without paying people. Time and Australia Phone Number salary are expensive, but this is our only influencer investment.

Australia Phone Number

Is Sipsmith’s approach to influencer marketing campaigns based or long-term?

We never talk to people once. We long for Australia Phone Number something more meaningful. A connection; an ongoing relationship. Whether it’s the people who buy our gin or the people who create Australia Phone Number content about us, we hold this view. Our social media manager Rob Warren embodies that spirit.

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