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Open it during the presentation, wait for it to load and then scroll to the right moment Download UAE Phone Number video and paste it on your slide. It still happens too often to me that there is no available WiFi at the location where I have to speak. Playing directly from the slides prevents a lot of stress about things that don’t work and losing attention from the audience UAE Phone Number at the moment. The most watched TED Talks remain the stories without a slide deck, straight from the heart. As a professional, however, you often no longer have the time to use a slide deck to visualize certain things. Always keep a UAE Phone Number sharp eye on your use of slides and the slide deck itself, because as Google’s main research describes it so beautifully: If you work for a large organization, you are probably familiar with the term ’employee handbook’.

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Everything you  to know as an UAE Phone Number employee about your workplace is down in it. For example, do you want to know how your employer handles leave? Or do you want to know something about declarations? Then grab the manual. But information need not be the UAE Phone Number sole purpose of such a handbook. You can see this nicely in the 4 examples that I share in this article. In addition to providing information, a manual can also serve a very good purpose: to welcome new colleagues. With a handbook you can make the UAE Phone Number process that little bit easier. You can enthuse permanent employees at the same time (as you might also do with your customers on a daily basis).

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A handbook provides employees with guidance. They can always go there first with questions. You clearly state what you expect from employees and what they can UAE Phone Number expect from you. In addition, it challenges you as an organization to look critically at which information has not yet UAE Phone Number been recorded. Especially as a smaller company you may come across a few things. For example, the regulations for UAE Phone Number dealing with undesirable behavior or an important subject such as cyber security : has this already been thought about? Everyone contributes Do you want to enthuse and motivate everyone to use the manual? Then involve your colleagues in the process.

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