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Enjoy the free and highquality content offered by artists and cultural institutions during stayathome we compiled a list of movies, videos, podcasts, music, art and literature services that you can enjoy for free from home. You will find free courses, books to download, documentaries and many other things. What are your favorites inspiration in creativity design documentaries we compiled a list of ten design documentaries that you should not miss. Learn about the history of graphic design and typography, as well as how they relate to brands. You will also get to know the life of amazing designers. Free culture and entertainment services and content 1 influencers domestika creativity conferences learn from experts from various countries in disciplines such as animation, drawing, illustration, branding and design.


Podcast Come With a Story.

This is an ideal playlist to inspire you to start creative image manipulation service projects. Free documentaries at documentary heaven site that compiles free documentaries from sites like vimeo or youtube. Includes a selection with subtitles in different languages. Some of his topics are activism, biographies, health, music, technology, art and much more. Gary hustwit documentaries the filmmaker will share his documentaries for free during the crisis. Until march 24 you can see his famous documentary helvetica for free and he will share a new movie every week. Free culture and entertainment services and content 6 helvetica spanish culture action documentaries the acefilmoteca initiative will share documentaries about art for free. The first available is club de reyes, about jazz and flamenco. Creativity podcast here we recommend a list of five design podcasts in english and spanish.

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Stay at Home, a Children’s Story in Times of Coronavirus.

In this list we collect podcasts created by domestika BTB Directory teachers , or episodes in which they appear. Free culture and entertainment services and content 9 neil godding covid photo diaries a collective photography. Initiative, in which different artists share photographs of balconies, windows and other records of social distancing. Free culture and entertainment services and content 11 covid photo diaries culture at home museums with virtual tours we compiled a list of 20 museums from around the world that you can visit online, with huge and valuable collections with accurate and detailed information, from fine arts to science and history. Free culture and entertainment services and content 13 grant ritchie unesco world digital library you can search for more than 19 thousand articles from 193 countries, from the year 8000 bc to the present.

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