Get People To Do What You Want

There’s always the enticing factor of creating

some sort of urgency behind the action because Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists you likely want to get your contacts to act now. This is especially useful for sales or last minute webinar sign-ups. Create the urgency with timing or the fact that there’s not many spots left, and leave your contacts wanting to grab what you’re offering before it’s too late.

Take a look through your own inbox, was there a particular email that grabbed you and made you feel the urgency of making a purchase or checking out a sale right away? Test out that language or try to invoke that emotion you had within your own contacts.

Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists


When all else fails, be direct.

Ask yourself, what’s the catch here? There’s no room for you to be unclear, and you don’t want to give your contact a moment of doubt as they take a look at your button. It’s too easy for them to close out of the email and keep scrolling through their inbox, leaving you and your CTA in the dust. If you’re looking to book up your next webinar, then your direct message should be along the lines of ‘reserve your seat today.’

Your contacts will know exactly what they’re getting when they click on that button and won’t face that moment of confusion or doubt that could lead them away from your email.

If you’re inviting your leads to your latest open house, doesn’t the CTA “Find Your New Home Tomorrow” sound better than “Sign Up For This Open House?” Be colorful and if possible, invoke some real emotions with your words here.

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