Get Your Meta Data Right

Using JavaScript

If you want to use JavaScript on Quality Directors Email Lists your pages, you will have to use AMP JavaScript.

Again, Google has specific requirements for what must be included and how the language must be written.

It must be noted that Google does not allow third-party JavaScript on AMP. That means that pop-ups, lead forms, and some comment systems won’t work on the platform. If you include these on the pages on your site, you will have to remove them for the mobile version. Though there are some hacks for getting around this requirement, it is better to think of ways to get the engagement that you want in other Google-approved ways.

Quality Directors Email Lists

You will have to use special tags to include images,


When marking up your page, make sure you include the right meta data.

Google has said that the meta data from is required for content to appear in the demo of its news carousel. Some meta data used by the site recognizes “article,” “recipe,” “review,” and “video” as content types.

If you aren’t using this meta data in your pages, you risk having Google bypass them entirely.

Including Ads

Converting your pages for AMP may actually help you increase your ad revenue.

The reason is that many people are using ad blockers because of the way ads slow down a page. Google’s AMP shows users that they don’t have to worry about load times slowing down, so they won’t have as much reason to use ad blockers.

Google has made it easy for you to include ads on AMP. You just need to use the extended ad component. It can work with most major advertising platforms, including Amazon A9, AdReactor, AdSense, AOL AdTech, Doubleclick, Flite, Taboola, Adform, DotAndAds, plista, Smart AdServer, and Yieldmo.

You can use the AMP Access extension to include more complex monetization strategies, such as paywalls or subscription content.

You can also use the analytics extension to track the success of your articles and your ads.

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