Give Video a Prominent

Anyone with a smartphone can create and distribute video news. Many people do that too. As a communication manager, you can make use of the efforts of your employees and thus give video a prominent place in your communication mix. But Macedonia Phone Number how do you keep a grip on what your employees say about your organization, without you having to play the police officer?

Your communication mix

Video communication is an extremely powerful means of achieving (strategic) communication objectives. Your organization can achieve a lot with your own Macedonia Phone Number news. Especially if you set it up in a systematic and structured manner. Video communication therefore deserves a prominent place in the media mix of every organization.Because in this way you become more visible as an organization and the public clearly knows what you stand for.

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However, existing production processes in video Macedonia Phone Number communication are unnecessarily slow, complicated and expensive. They therefore stand in the way of the adoption of the effective use of video. But in these times of smartphones and social media, things can be different.

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