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Oh yes, and of course also remember Netherlands Phone Number not to buy sandalwood incense from the Action anymore). I’m going to try to explain it in just 12 sentences: Many candidates will come onto the market in the coming years because the coronavirus hurts many Dutch companies. Many vacancies are coming onto the market because Netherlands Phone Number half of the baby booming Netherlands is about to retire. Simple story: retirement age. So vacancies are not going to disappear at all. We still have a great challenge to fill vacancies in Netherlands Phone Number technology, care, education and ICT. In the next 8 years, 1.9 million baby boomers will leave the labor market and only 1.6 million new employees will enter the market.

Employer Brand Netherlands Phone Number

For the fast calculators: we will have a very tight labor market. Vacancies and applicants on the market match just as well as a magnet on Netherlands Phone Number a fresh lettuce. Not so. Bottom-line: we have to retrain a lot of people. If we structurally retrain many people in addition to traditional recruitment, then we will have two dominant types of influx into the labor market. That is what we call: the hybrid labor market . Turns out it fits exactly in Netherlands Phone Number twelve sentences. Jan-Karel Sindorff and I needed more than 45 minutes in our first joint webinar ( view the webinar here.

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Generation Z And then we think we know and have everything under control by now. And during 2021 and 2022 et cetera, we will increasingly discover that Generation Z is really different from the millennials. Photo of Generation Z. And I can hear Netherlands Phone Number you thinking: damn, I just figured out how Generation Y works for two weeks and then you get this?! Yes, that’s and Gen Z is really built differently, has its own wishes, its own ways of working and its own ideas about the world and work. I promise to devote a complete article to recruiting Gen Z in 2021.

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