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What is the interactive paradigm interaction paradigm. A set of interface interaction patterns that are reusable, familiar to users, and contain design Denmark Phone Number experience . In layman’s terms, it is like a group of templates. When we use templates. We need to consider the subject and audience of the report. Similarly, the interaction paradigm also needs Denmark Phone Number to take into. Account product positioning, operational capabilities, and user groups when using it. Today, i will briefly introduce. The ten common interaction paradigms on mobile terminals.

Generally Pulled Out from Denmark Phone Number

Ten commonly used interaction paradigms. Paradigm 1: drawer features: hide content, expand when needed; drawer bars are generally pulled out from the top Denmark Phone Number Bottom, and sides (sidebars); the drawer display is generally specific content, and the pop-up. Box is generally to complete settings or tasks; the drawer metaphor is more natural in Denmark Phone Numbers interactive experience and integrates. Moreover with the original interface. Applies to: common in browsers, browsing products (reading, information). Advanced operations, deep hiding (shortcut keys for expert users).the motion effect control time is about.

Zhihu Became a Tab Denmark Phone Number

Denmark phone number
Denmark phone number

The drawer is not a high-frequency operation, and the mainstream experience is on the current interface. Example: the drawer type is more suitable for browsing-type. Products, such as the early zhihu (80% reading, 20% switching), and later zhihu became a Denmark Phone Numbers tab structure, because zhihu gradually changed from a question-and-answer product to a platform. More, the amount. Of information displayed increases. Paradigm 2: drop-down features: usually Denmark Phone Numbers accompanied by action; it is the design. Moreover of the early google platform; interface can be saved. Applicable to: non-high frequency operation. Quick operation. Example: paradigm 3: list (important) feature.

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