Hellodialog & Mailcamp Compared

The prices of Laposta, Hellodialog and Mailcamp are – just like all other email tools – difficult to compare. This is because the pricing is different for each tool. You pay a package price and/or for the number of contacts and/or e-mail credits (with one credit you can send one e-mail to one contact). In addition, each tool also has different Uruguay Phone Number subscription types from which you can choose. I will first tell you something about the pricing and different options per tool and then compare them with each other.

Pricing Laporta

Laposta is free to use up to 12,000 Uruguay Phone Number emails per month to 2,000 contacts. Do you want to send more than 12,000 emails per month or to more than 2,000 contacts? Then you end up with the paid variant. Most organizations looking for a Mailchimp alternative easily stay within this number. So in that respect you do not need a paid variant of Laposta. Unless you don’t want Laposta advertising under your e-mail and/or want support not only by e-mail but also by telephone. Then you still have to switch to the paid variant. With the free version of Mailchimp you also have advertising at the bottom of the email.

Uruguay Phone Number List

You can opt for a subscription form Uruguay Phone Number or for purchasing a bundle of e-mail credits. Email credits are interesting if you send an email sporadically or to very few contacts. In the end, you only pay for the e-mails that you actually send. The credits are valid indefinitely.

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