Here’s an advertiser’s escape guide

Don’t deny it, on an all-night, four in the morning overtime night; when your painstaking work was dismissed by the client; when you revised a WeChat draft of a small Oman Phone Number material, dozens of versions were revised, and in the end, I didn’t know how to name the file ; When the major is clearly number one, but loses the draft for an unwarranted reason; you must have sweared by gnashing your teeth – escape! Leave! wide! tell! industry!

However, the goose thought about it, where did he want to escape? What else can you do without advertising? I think a lot of advertisers feel lost.

1. Go to Party A

Many advertisers turn to Party A: one is to consider the salary increase; the other is to make the job easy, get off work on time, and don’t have to get off work as Oman Phone Number hard as an advertising company; In-depth marketing practice, so you can learn things that you can’t learn in Party B, unlike Party B who is more frivolous.

This is a logical path, but many people will not adapt to the situation from Party B to Party A.

1. The first is professional dissatisfaction

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Because advertising companies pay more attention to “thinking”, and value your ideas, ideas and creativity; while enterprises pay more attention to “doing”, and attach importance to the feasibility and enforceability of ideas and solutions.

In Party B, the ultimate carrier of the idea landing is to fall on the ppt, turning the idea into a Oman Phone Number visual work and a tangible plan; while in Party A, it is for you to turn the idea on the ppt into reality, and put it on the market. execute it.

Then, in addition to the plan itself, you should also consider team execution, budget, whether it fits the corporate culture, and the most important implementation effect. Party A’s planners are not only responsible for thinking, but also responsible for doing.

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