Here’s What the Experience Looked Like in the Monetate Interface

Here’s where their campaign for movers gets really cool.

In addition to the $10 off/month discount offer VP Business Development Email Lists shown above, DIRECTV would normally also promote a second offer, like a cash gift card. Counterintuitively, they found that when they tested a $300 gift card offer versus the more relevant, mover-centric homepage, the personalized version outperformed the offer.

Matt Donovan, DIRECTV’s manager of digital marketing, explains:

VP Business Development Email Lists

“Any time we can use content in a smart way to drive conversion lifts, and we don’t have to dig into our pockets to sweeten the offer, it’s great. It was one of the first times we really saw the power of the tools working together. It’s been exciting to see how we can use the tools to be smart about content and not have to continually add to the offer to drive conversion.”

The personalized ecommerce campaign also yielded a double-digit increase in conversion rate over the control version.

How did they do it?

First, DIRECTV created a special “movers experience” version of their homepage which included topic-appropriate copy and photography. They took a soft approach, with messaging that focused on reducing the anxieties of an individual in the midst one of the most stressful parts of their lives. The version of the homepage matched the information needs and eased the fears of those

currently in the process of moving into a new home. The copy and design instilled confidence and emphasized

how satellite television can be easier to setup and install in a new home.

In this test version, there was no $300 gift card. The only thing that changed was the content.

Next, they obtained information about movers from the USPS’s database, and fed it into Turn’s Data Management Platform. Then they used the Monetate data import tool to take action on that data. They created a consistent cross-channel experience that

was delivered to the target audience, no matter how they arrived on the DIRECTV

homepage (via PPC, email, or direct visitors to the site).


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