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Social media missteps. We all see people committing them all the time, right? ! But if you’re using the social platform for business or recruiting, missteps can cost you dearly. So today I want to share 7 mistakes I see businessmen make in social situations. If you find yourself with any of these shortcomings, please take a moment to consider what changes you might make to address the issue. Do you know what is the most likely action a candidate will take 5-10 seconds after they start reading a job ad? The most likely outcome is that they clicked the “back” button and went to see a competitor’s ad! Just as recruiters make quick decisions about resumes that aren’t worth looking at, job seekers do the same with job advertisements. Therefore, the main goal of the first line of your ad should be to ensure that the right candidate is excited about the opportunity and wants to read the rest of the ad.

Sometimes it’s impossible for a recruiter to put a salary

A candidate looks great on paper, but is not a suitable candidate if: They’ll be put off by what they’ve learned about the position or company during the interview process Their ambitions and career goals are not aligned with what the company has to offer Their salary expectations do not match your current salary structure If your job ad attracts a lot of these candidates, you’ll be living under the false guise cell phone numbers list your recruiting campaign is going well and that it only takes a few weeks to land a good new hire. A good candidate is suitable for your vacancy only if he fully understands all the facts. Otherwise, they are just a good candidate who got scammed to apply! How to Write the Perfect Job Ad If you want to know how to write the perfect job advertisement for your company, you must first understand the pros and cons of working in your business. What are the real strengths of your company and the career paths and culture it can offer its employees? Just as importantly, what are its downsides?

Explaining the salary helps candidates make their choices

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Use generally accepted positions. In your ad’s primary job title field – which will appear in search results and serve as your ad’s primary bold title – delete. Your company job title is in favor of the most common name in your industry. This ensures you appear in more search results. And increases the likelihood that the right candidate will click on your ad. Be sure to reference company-specific job titles in the body of your ad, but start with a position your ideal candidate would relate to (and search for). 2. State salary. Sometimes it’s impossible for a recruiter to put a salary on a job advertisement. But every time you post a job, you should ask yourself if you can state a salary. Or at least a meaningful range that the position will pay. Explaining the salary helps candidates make their own choices about whether the role is right for them.

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