How can migrant workers find Hungary Phone Number a reliable high-paying community operation job? I have some 3 suggestions

Why optimize? 1.1 design value the author. Believes that the value of interaction designers comes from two Hungary Phone Number aspects: perfect collaboration and business driving. Perfect collaboration – it can help the business to complete the iterative exploration at the. As well as  speed and  ensure the basic experience quality of the product; business-driven. As a member of the project team, you can look for. Opportunities and drive the healthy development of the. Business from the perspective of business and users in. Different periods of product development through the perspective of designers.

And Business Driving

For any product, it has its own life cycle, and interaction. Designers have different design opportunities Hungary Phone Number and focuses in different development. Periods Hungary Phone Number of the business. As well as intervening in the beidai business, the platform launched the cash loan business and the. Consumer loan business development but not open to users.


As well as business is in the exploratory period. And the business appeal is how to survive, or even how to live better. As well as idea of ​​interaction design in this period is to give .priority to ensuring “perfect collaboration” –

meeting the needs of rapid business launch and iterative exploration.”business-driven” – trying to leverage greater value with the least cost.

Consumer Loan Business

Hungary phone number
Hungary phone number

Therefore, select the core business (cash loan). Moreover core link (credit process, loan and card binding Hungary Phone Number process, repayment process) for optimization. Moreover 1 product life cycle and design focus 1.2 business requirements q2 beidai takes. The cash loan business

as the core and urgently needs to. Increase the total amount of loans. The business demands are. As well as  the one hand,

the business volume data increase and the conversion rate need to be improved. And this comes from two. Aspects of “open source, throttling.

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