How Do You Approach It?

Looking at two years of pandemic, you can distinguish two things: resilience and fatigue.   Digital transformation Finland Phone Number List offers guidance and in particular two forms of transformation. Logical actually, because hybrid working is a digital transformation in itself. How about that? I will tell you that in this article.

Resilience and fatigue

When I look through my eyelashes at the past Finland Phone Number List two years, I see a few things. First of all, resilience: many people have done their work in the midst of a pandemic. And many people simply did this at their workplace: in the hospital, at school or university, in the workshop or warehouse, behind the wheel, on the road and in the green.

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And while that seemed like a huge transition, most people — and most organizations — actually managed it in a matter of weeks. IT departments had enabled Teams or Zoom, already scheduled meetings were moved from a physical room to online and we started emailing, posting and chatting even more.

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