How do you make work of your ideals

Everyone has ideals. Maybe you want to have coffee with your neighbor more often, so that she feels less lonely or maybe you have an idea to plant more trees in your neighborhood or help refugees to learn the Dutch language. Such an ideal stays in our heads more often than we actually participate in it. That’s a shame, because the world needs changemakers .

wants to stimulate you with Het (affiliate) to commit yourself to your ideals. Based on inspiring stories from real changemakers, you will discover that there are actually 5 phases that you go through before you can bring about change.

It starts with waking up. You realize that you want to contribute something and to what exactly. Everyone wakes up sooner or later. This can be due to a serious event, such as illness. Or there is someone around you who inspires you.

Are you awake yet?

Now that you have the plan to initiate positive change, it is simply time to get started. We often make following an ideal way too big. For example, if you Bahamas Phone Number want to plant more trees in your area, planting a tree in your own yard is a good start. And sometimes just sharing and stating what you are going to do is a very important first step. As soon as you start moving, others will automatically move along. You will also encounter some cynics, but don’t let that discourage you.

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Ideals in practice

Does it still sound a bit floaty to you? Or too big? I was touched by Geus’s book, because I am now working on an ideal myself. I wanted to create a platform that would give women a loving push to learn about HPV.

It started bubbling in my head when I was in the hospital with cervical cancer. Before I actually took a step, I heard that little voice about fifty times a day that said ‘You can’t make a difference on your own, don’t get anything in your head’.

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