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The dividends of the mobile  Internet are gradually shrinking, and small. Also, programs have become Afghanistan Phone Number a new growth point. The author spent half a year working on Baidu small programs. With the development of the  Baidu platform, the process. Also, of going from 0 to 1 has just been completed, and I would like to share some thoughts here

the product space Assessing business prospects is the first step in a product manager’s decision-making, and it is. Also, also the most important part of an e-commerce product. Only by understanding

the overall development prospects of Baidu Mini Programs and evaluating the product status of your company in Baidu can you judge your own product space.

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according to Baidu’s official  information. Baidu’s smart applet is based on the mobile phone Baidu Afghanistan Phone Number app, with a MAU of 250 million. When the development of WeChat mini-programs tends to be stable, changes in Baidu’s platform will release new dividend space. Also, and trigger

DAU of WeChat  mini-programs has already exceeded 250 million, a random survey of colleagues around them found that there are still 1/10 of the people do not have Baidu installed on their mobile phones. The gap between the mobile phone and the national-level app WeChat is obvious. Therefore, it is not too much to expect Baidu mini programs to show explosive growth like WeChat.

The Baidu Shopping Channels

Afghanistan phone number
Afghanistan phone number

The characteristics of Baidu’s  official. Also, profile mini-programs are “search information flow. AI open

source alliance”. The characteristics and attributes of the platform determine the development framework and path  of the mini-programs to which they. Also, belong; what kind of combination do developers in different. Also, industries have in these four dimensions

The degree of control always restricts whether the applet can take off smoothly. When Afghanistan Phone Number it comes to search, it is necessary to distinguish the different sources of mobile app and baidu website. The former is the carrier platform of the applet, and the latter (such as Baidu browser and some mobile phone system browsers with Baidu search kernel) will have a small number in the search results.

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