How important is recovery?

The story takes place in the United States in the late 1950s, and the protagonist, Beth Harmon, is sent to an orphanage after the suicide of her mathematician mother. There, she stumbled into chess and found the freedom to move freely on the black and white chessboard.

The little girl has amazing talent, but is addicted to small pills. She can play chess in her head, but she doesn’t care about Russia Phone Number the deduction of the actual chess game and the analysis of the endgame.

After experiencing setbacks and losses, she finally became The Queen of the chess world when she truly understood how to “replay”, and with the support of the collective wisdom of the Grand Master team.

1. What is the difference between a review and a summary?Russia Phone Number

“Review” is frequently used in work and life. There are project-based review of winning orders and product review; there are also annual review and monthly review based on time; it is also used in Russia Phone Number personal growth and development. For example, competition resumption, investment stock resumption…

Seriously, the word is getting overused too. When I first heard this term many years ago, it felt like a fashionable term for reviews and summaries.

Sure enough, I have participated in a lot of review meetings, and the general process is roughly: review the goals -> compare the results -> analyze the gaps -> formulate an action plan, which is no different from the previous summary process.

2. What is the effect of reset?

In the sixth episode of “Hoops”, Beth begins to analyze the opponent’s endgame in the Paris game, studying the master’s previous chess records. This scene may be an important scene for her to Russia Phone Number improve her chess skills and personal growth.


(another photo I like)

Reviewing allows Beth to think from more perspectives, which is the fastest way to broaden his thinking and improve himself.

In our field of work, an in-depth and objective review will also bring many benefits:

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