How Landing Page Videos Create Massive Value and Drive Conversions

Sometime in 2011 two men named

Mark Levine and Michael Dubin met at a party VP Software Email List and. Therefore bonded over their mutual dissatisfaction with the razor blade industry. They shared a similar distaste for the greedy razor companies and their overpriced razor blade offerings.

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For as long as anyone has known, the razor industry. Therefore, had been dominated by 2 or 3 companies. These companies dictated the price and had complete control over shaving market.

“Why do high quality razor blades have to be so damn expensive?!” the duo wondered.

The two men soon realized that the pain of buying

Therefore, overpriced razors at the drugstore was a common . Therefore,one shared amongst most men. They saw an opportunity to disrupt a massive industry. Michael Dubin launched a beta website to validate the idea from his apartment and called it Dollar Shave Club.

After a small initial investment Michael decided to write and produce a promotional video for his new business. This video’s purpose was to generate some hype for the company and explain how the business worked.

After the video was filmed and released on the website in March 2012, Michael went back home to Philadelphia.

In no time at all the video spread like wildfire and went completely viral. Dollar Shave Club ran out of inventory 6 hours after launch and the swarm of unexpected traffic crashed the website.

Today that video has been seen over 22.5 million times on YouTube alone and Dollar Shave Club is valued at $615 million.

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