You say, how should product Qatar Phone Number managers think

We think this joke is funny because we think the. Cow is so wronged, and at the same time Qatar Phone Number we think the pig is really stupid. Likewise, when your product is slow to react. Like a pig, users will think the product is stupid, and the reaction here is feedback in interaction design. Only feedback is not enough,

what users need is instant, right away! I believe everyone. Is very aware that feedback needs to be considered in. Design, but the immediacy of feedback is often. Overlooked because everyone feels:

But Is It Really So

“my feedback is immediate enough.” but is it really so. Let’s take a look at the following animation: Qatar Phone Number figure 1: three different types of feedback. After clicking the small rectangle, you can get feedback that the rectangle  becomes larger. Although the time when. The small rectangle changes to the large rectangle is exactly the same in the three animations,

the experiences they. Bring to us are very different. Obviously, the animation on the far right is the most rigid and sluggish, because. The last animation lacks the transition feedback, while the other two animations have transition animation feedback from small to large.

Only the Feedback

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Therefore, the immediate feedback is not only the feedbac.k for the result, there is still a time gap between the user input and the feedback result, and the feedback Qatar Phone Number . Of the process is equally important. In addition, for the middle and left images with process feedback. At  the same time,

we still feel that the middle image is not smooth enough because the changes in the middle. Image are not obvious enough at the beginning. In other words, the feedback after its operation is still. Not immediate enough,

resulting in an unsmooth experience. To give a realistic example, the previous. Search required the user to click confirm after typing, but now most searches can be done while typing a search.

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