How to Create a Branded Social Media App That Drives Business

Social media is one of the most promising (and crowded) markets. After all, pretty much everyone uses it, that’s where your customers are, and that’s where you need it. Surprisingly, people are actually abandoning mainstream social channels in droves , many of them citing privacy concerns. But that doesn’t mean they stop using social media at all. Instead, small online communities driven by common interests are undergoing a dramatic shift, and it’s time for businesses to follow suit. While consumers are increasingly fed up with the constant attacks on our private lives like Facebook, businesses are no longer fond of mainstream social media.

Step 1. Determine Your Business Needs

That’s why now might be the time to create your own social media app. With your own app, you control the user experience. You don’t need to worry about unwanted updates being forced on you, or the privacy and security concerns Buy Fresh & Updated Dubai Business Fax Lists third-party integrations. Instead, you can build your own community, where you can choose how everything works. Naturally, this provides a greater sense of belonging, which in turn leads to higher engagement rates and better ROI. People now spend more time using their mobile devices than watching TV. The average daily time spent in front of a small screen is close to four hours . Chances are, this is also where your customers are, so a growing business requires increased mobility.


The Average Daily Time Spent in Front of a Small Screen


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If you develop an application that is already based on an established framework, the risk is much lower. Factors such as security and compliance should have been taken into account, and applications are designed to be secure from the ground up. But you still need to test features and functionality to make sure everything works. A popular method is A/B testing, which tests two different user experiences side-by-side to see which works best. This can be done before and after the release.


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