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Many of the people who have been doing business online for years say that ” the money is in the list “. For that reason, if you are wondering not only how to create a mailing list, but also how to create a newsletter that really works and generates sales, you have come to the right place. It is a phrase mentioned by all the great references of online business, and with good reason! Do you have a newsletter created and an email marketing strategy in your online store? If your answer is NO, this article will expand your mind and make you see that email marketing is “not dead” as others insist on making us see. Here I will explain step by step how to create a successful newsletter, increase your sales and customer loyalty.

But first we are going to watch a video to clarify some concepts: Why do you have to learn how to create a newsletter for your online store? There are several reasons why it is important to create a newsletter. 1. More fluid communication One of them is that it will give you the possibility to communicate with your clients as many times as you want, instead of waiting for them to return to your site. More than anything because it is likely that they will not do it again. 2. You create a loyal community Another benefit is that it is an excellent way to retain your audience and increase your sales. People access the newsletter by their own decision (otherwise it would be spam) because they are interested in knowing about you, your products, news, offers, etc.

Where Should I Install The Forms Within The Site?

If you are serious about making money online then Norway whatsapp number list having a newsletter for your online store is a must. how to create a newsletter Strategy to create a winning newsletter There are many techniques to create a successful newsletter. Sure. We have prepared the one that works best for us. And if it also works for most of the great online business professionals for a reason, right? Do you have a business idea? Get started with Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card details required Email address Email address. Sign up for an email marketing company There are several options of companies that offer email marketing services, the best known are: Aweber mailchimp BenchmarkEmail GetResponse.

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Any of them are excellent and valid to start and in turn scale your business , when the time comes and you must pivot your strategy. Once you contract the services of any of these tools, you must proceed to create your registration form and install it on your site. → Shopify has its own App Store where you can find apps that allow you to create forms to include an email marketing strategy in your online store. Using A/B testing you will find out which are the best places to promote your newsletter. But usually these are displayed in the sidebar, at the end of product description posts, and in popups that appear at any time. They appear as an option to register at checkout , etc.

Do You Want An Example?

No rush, but no pauses This is a very Spanish saying that means that we must be “moderate”, in this case in sending newsletters. Something important in communicating with your audience is not to saturate it , without this meaning it stops being fluid. You could start with an email per week in which you can send some news, offer or any valuable information to the audience. Do you want an example of email marketing ? If within your online store you also have a Blog with which you do Inbound Marketing, send your weekly article and after it, an offer? a discount? You choose. Free guide: 5 infallible ways to do Inbound Marketing in your ecommerce and attract new customers.

Do you want to attract new customers to your ecommerce? Inbound Marketing can help you a lot! If in a few months you notice that your unsubscribe rate is very high or your email opening rate is very low, you can reduce the regularity and send an email every ten days or 2 weeks. Unsubscribe rates and average email opens vary widely between niches, so here you will be the expert of your own world and will try all the time to increase the percentages. Email marketing services offer the option to show a questionnaire to those who unsubscribe and ask them why they do so. That will give you a good indication of why people are walking away from your list. Automatic responses All email marketing services offer an autoresponder service.


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