How to Create Your Own Fan Club. [ultimate Guide]

Gone are the days when product and pricing were the only things that mattered in building a successful brand. In today’s connected world, while customers may still come for both, it’s often the people and experiences they stay. Building customer loyalty isn’t just about offering reward incentives; it’s about building a community of loyal fans and nurturing them into superfans who champion your brand. Apple is a good example when considering the power of ardent fans. Many of the same rules apply even though your brand may not be that big. Apple fans certainly don’t buy iPhones because they’re cheap and product quality has always been the company’s top selling point, but what really makes it successful is that their customer base is one of the most devout. You won’t make many iPhone users change their loyalty and buy an Android phone! Imagine having a fan community that is equally loyal to your product?


How to Create Your Own Fan Club in Five Steps

Fan clubs have always existed. In the past, they were usually created by fans themselves. Today, with the power of social media, brands can build their own fan clubs, often linking them to loyalty programs in the process. Having your own fan club gives you the opportunity to build more meaningful relationships with your target audience, potentially turning customers into loyal brand advocates. Fan clubs are places where people go, not just to share their passion for a particular brand, product or service. It is also a space where clients can support each other. Most people would rather serve themselves with a community-driven knowledge base than pick up the phone for customer support. Having a fan club can transfer support tickets and reduce the burden on you and your team.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Own Fan Club

Today’s collaborative online environment breeds innovation. Fan clubs are where customers share ideas and provide valuable feedback. With your own community of engagement, your customers will be the driving force behind the direction of your brand. Social media is becoming more crowded and competitive. When you have millions of other people vying for attention, it can seem almost impossible to be heard, and a platform update can change everything in an instant. With your own fan community platform, you are the one in the driver’s seat. A strong fan club can serve as a one-stop-shop for peer-to-peer support, product ideation, and customer success. 


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