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Not describe the computer functions and objects in the. User interface, and the former is calle  “simile”, the latter is calle”zero metaphor”. “.

Figure 1: the differences. Moreover  similes, zero similes and metaphors on the interface are explaine from left to right: the Dominican republic phone number black box. Represents the interface boundary, and the simile uses clear text to describe that clicking will trigger the

“return. Function of the system; zero metaphor does not have any description or prompts, and only allows users to. Explore the possible functions (click the interface to return).

Meaning of the Graphic

The metaphor uses a left-pointing arrow and a. Button to indirectly describe its “return” function, and it takes a moment Dominican republic phone number for the user to understand the meaning. Of the graphic. Moreover a means of interface design, metaphor and non-metaphor have their own advantages and.   Disadvantages.

From the perspective of cognitive difficulty, similes are the easiest to recognize, followe by metaphors, and. Zero Dominican Republic Phone Number metaphors are the most difficult to recognize. However, from the perspective of occupying. Interface space, zero metaphor occupies the least space, followe by metaphor, and simile occupies the most space.

For Example, in the

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Moreover our common app interface, the single use of non-metaphor. Is less common,

and more is the combination of non-metaphor and metaphor. For example, in the  incoming call interface of apple’s ios9 system, firstly, the text “swipe to answer” is use to describe the. Function, and then the operation of “swipe”


to the right is use as a  metaphor, which is a typical simile-metaphor. Combination. Another example: the playback interface in netease cloud music, when the user opens it for. The first time, there will be a prompt of “click the screen to display the lyrics”. And when the user opens it again.

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