How to Schedule Posts on Facebook

Actively and consistently posting content on your Facebook page is a great strategy for keeping your followers engaged. However, constantly posting new posts can be exhausting. That’s why Facebook allows you to schedule posts in advance. This feature is only available for businesses on public accounts, so you cannot schedule Facebook posts on personal accounts. This ensures that all your posts remain relevant and sensitive to current events and crises. So, check and update your temporary posts regularly to make sure they stay in sync with upcoming events. You can also delete scheduled posts together before publishing.


Why schedule posts on Facebook?

Facebook has evolved over the years – introducing new layouts, new algorithms, and new features each time. These updates make Facebook more intuitive and relevant to more than 2.74 billion users worldwide. Facebook allows businesses, communities and groups to schedule their posts to efficiently manage their content calendars. A post is Buy Egypt WhatsApp Numbers share on your Facebook page and others can view it in their feed. Scheduling these posts can help you manage the flow of content on your page. Additionally, it allows you to plan ahead for the content of future posts. You can schedule posts for important days/events. Click the Publish drop-down arrow and select the Scheduled Publishing option. Here you can choose the date and time to publish your post. Finally, click on the scheduling option in the bottom right corner.



Effective Tips for Scheduling Facebook Posts

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Facebook posts take the stress out of posting again and again. Therefore, this gives you more time and freedom to create relevant and engaging content for your audience. Scheduling multiple sources at the same time will allow you to create coherence. Make sure the post aligns with your campaign and overall brand strategy. Which is better: Post when no one is online or when most of your followers can view your post. Of course, the latter is because as more people are online, there are more chances that your post will be viewed at the time of publication. When your audience is most active, you have a better chance of generating engagement Facebook also gives you the option to pause a scheduled post if it is no longer relevant to an interim date and time. If you have a special post for an upcoming event and the event is postponed, you can pause this scheduled post. 





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