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The guide of the program does not support opening. Also, the applet directly. Baidu Mini Programs are a new format, but many companies do not start from scratch  with their product lines in Shoubai; because there are H5, H5 is the carrier product line in. Shoubai search results. Baidu’s

strength Albania Phone Number is improving  user experience, and it has become a trend for small programs to replace H5. Therefore, the actual benchmarking product line of. Baidu’s small programs is H5; both are small programs. What is the positioning of the company’s H5 product line, whether Baidu’s applet experience and conversion can be better than H5, and whether there is a differentiated product plan.

Can Replace the original

Which will affect the existing users and  future development. The company focuses on increments, and Albania Phone Number only increments can bring value and benefits. 2. Dismantling the formula of e-commerce products After confirming that  our company has time. Also, and market space for Baidu applet, our next step is to disassemble the product function,

clarify Albania Phone Number the North Star indicator (or KPI) of the product, and find the formula, which is the basis of growth hacking

(or product), as shown in the figure above shown. In the e-commerce industry where the author is located, the two core elements of reach and conversion can be simplified into traffic and conversion rate.

H5 With The offer

Albania phone number
Albania phone number

The formula is Σ traffic  Σ conversion  rate order ; dismantling. Also, the formula, from the perspective of new and old users ,

our initial user. Also, level is very low, and  the repurchase rate in the industry is not high, so new users are our core focus, and old users are put on hold  for the time being.

obtain new visitor traffic), it is necessary to find the integration point with the platform according to platform characteristics, official channels, and policy dividends, thereby increasing exposure and click-through rate. The conversion rate can be  dismantled in various dimensions, such as Σ conversion rate.

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