How to Validate a Successful Business Idea in Your Neighborhood

“Steal your business model

We don’t have a shortage of business VP Maintenance Email Lists models, it’s okay if you pick one that’s already working for someone else.” – Seth Godin

The world is a big exciting place so I often come across business

VP Maintenance Email Lists

ideas that are so memorable that I find myself asking “Why doesn’t my city have this?”

Some people were lucky enough to ride the frozen yogurt

hype train all the way to the bank by opening up shops in their own cities. Sadly the frozen yogurt hype has died down, but you can bet I’m keeping ears to the ground for whatever’s next.

Witnessing the blazing fast spread of business trends

through social media always brings me back to the well-known idea that “good artists copy; great artists steal”.

This got me thinking…

How could I take a successful business idea from one place and see if it would fly in my neighbourhood?

Ideally, I would like to see if anyone would be willing to purchase before I spend anything on startup costs. This would limit my financial risk and allow me to stop before I’m in too deep if no one is interested.

A popular activity that I’ve seen on social media these days is escape rooms. This is where parties of people pay to have themselves locked in a room and to solve puzzles in a certain amount of time to escape.

Here are the steps I took to quickly set up a workflow to validate a successful business idea for an “escape room” in my neighbourhood.

Step 1 – Use Google’s Keyword planner to see how many people are searching for “escape rooms” in my area

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