How to write a good PPT Belarus Phone Number solution according to the needs?

High-level learning behavior   rights: student->student. Also, exchange, student->teacher exchange Belarus Phone Number, asking questions to teachers, asking questions to classmates, answering classmates’ questions,  demonstrating & teaching content, etc.


Functional design: open rights, clear bottom line. Open Rights – Ability x Scenario x  Influence: “Voice, Text. Video” x “All Staff, Individual” x “Seat, Podium” Clarify the bottom line-punishment control: clarify #what power the teacher has and the bottom line for the teacher to use the power. For example, the teacher has. Also, the right to stand up (close the small black room:

ban the microphone + camera + text), if a classmate always chats with other classmates and affects others in class.

So That More High

Three, “goods” Online small class is  a class in which. Also, teachers and students have relatively equa Belarus Phone Number l rights and students can participate in a high degree. The main body of “participation” is not only behavior, but also content. The content of the large class is based on the

“public domain content” of the lecturer, and the teacher’s teaching Belarus Phone Number behavior. Also, is dominated by the classroom. The students absorb the content more than the output, although there are some lightweight products such as taking pictures on the wall and interacting.

In addition, under the content arrangement of the large class format and the training level, the application of “private. Also, domain content” produced by the lecturers is also quite limited.

Learning behaviors Ma

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Belarus Phone Number

From the perspective of small  classes. I just mentioned that parents’ demands are that teachers should put more energy on “students”, which also includes corrections and comments on students’ output content in class, and parents’ expectations for small.

Also, classes are guided by the timeless needs of students. Next, the “private domain  content” of students in the small class state will play a greater role. There are roughly three  principles, which are call.

Lecturers and students can jointly influence “public domain content” Students .  actively or passively appli to the “public domain” Base on parents.

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