How We Deal With Them

Column – Not a week goes by without another announcement from the tech giants on a metaverse, without a record-breaking fundraiser, or without a major brand initiative. We are witnessing an investment race to deploy the many Ukraine Phone Number List applications accessing between the physical and virtual worlds. The new industrial challenge in electronics and semiconductors is just as strategic as the software dimension.

Five instruments of sovereignty

The metaverse disrupts everything: ways of working, consumption, industrial applications, entertainment, medicine, education, love Ukraine Phone Number relationships… These applications, augmented by augmented reality, are developing in a new form that extends beyond existing territorial boundaries. Different metaverses will coexist and interact with each other, at the will of manufacturers and under pressure from consumers.


First, the digital identity of avatars. What Ukraine Phone Number  will the policy be? Are our avatars equipped with an identity card, without the possibility of anonymity? Do we want borders to respect certain laws of the physical world? Will there be some form of regulation? Are we going to detect addictive behavior?

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