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This is a normative summary of interaction documents that.  Moreover that time, we wanted to share and share interaction specifications with our Bahamas Phone Number interaction. Group, including “workflow and specifications for interaction. Moreover”, “product architecture”, ” “interaction flowchart”, “interaction document  specification.interaction self-check list”, etc. Part of the summary has been. Shared or promoted in the group~ today is very cool (xia) and fast (yu). After a busy day, i took out my computer and opened this summary. I decided to update it.

Maybe It will Have

Maybe it will have some impact on the future work. Or communication of our ued group. Bahamas Phone Number Help, put it here to communicate with friends~ 1. What is an interactive document.

Interaction documentation, that is, interaction design documentation. English Bahamas Phone Number “design. Requirement document”, abbreviation “drd”. Etc., and archive and interact with project-related partners’ team collaboration documents. Why do we need interactive documentation? You may say: “product managers can export drd without interaction designers.”

But in Fact, many

Bahamas Phone Number
Bahamas Phone Number

but in fact, many interaction designers can also. Assume the role of product managers… Balabala omitted 10,000 words here ~ as long as you are good enough. Moreover can be! To put it bluntly, the job title is just a division of job responsibilities. Moreover  is a way for

the company. As well as  department to improve professionalism and work efficiency to achieve the company’s goals. Moreover to home., as an interaction designer, the job responsibilities play the role of “connecting the upstream and. Downstream, linking the previous and the next”.

Moreover it is in the explanation of the scheme review. Or in the daily work communication, you should have excellent language expression and drd expression ability..

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