I Started Selling Print

I chose Shopify because I wanted a Thailand Phone Number beautiful storefront similar to Etsy. However, I want to have a store that I can control. Etsy didn’t do anything about bad reviews, so my Thailand Phone Number store suffered a lot. On Shopify, I installed a review app called Loox Reviews that allows you to delete bad reviews. You can even set it up so you don’t even post reviews with less than 3 stars or how many stars you want. Etsy also shows other competitors on your sales listings, so customers might not even buy from you. I’m Thailand Phone Number advertising to my Etsy sales listing only to find out that other competitors are receiving sales.

Why Use Shopify Instead of Etsy

With Shopify, there is absolutely no Thailand Phone Number competition! Show only your products. Another benefit of using Shopify is that you have control over your pricing. I have my own prints listed for $7 to $27 and still have sales. Setting up a Shopify store is also very simple. I’ve Thailand Phone Number been creating my Shopify store all weekend to sell my prints. It was such an easy process and I had no trouble at all. When my store is finished, I have my prints listed in it and hopefully I can start getting sales. In my blog navigation, I Thailand Phone Number connect my store to a link that says “Store”. On the first day, my store had many visitors but no sales.

Thailand Phone Number

A thought crossed my mind that Thailand Phone Number maybe I don’t have enough prints to sell. There is only one printable in the store. I created some printables that don’t have that many pages. Other Thailand Phone Number prints focus on self-care and time management. These are other topics of interest to my email list. I created a survey using Google Forms to see what products my listing would be interested in. It’s a great idea to see which products you can sell to your email list! Time for me to email my list again because it’s Friday. I try to Thailand Phone Number send weekly emails on this day to be consistent.


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