If you want to do an internship in Slovenia Phone Number the Internet industry, what are the 4 essential characteristics?

Homepage design for major e-commerce companies. Ability capability refers to the measure of the Slovenia Phone Number cost required to complete the behavior in the  process. Of user behavior. When the cost is higher, the user’s behavioral capability is required to be higher.

In actual usage scenarios, even if there is a strong motivation to stimulate the occurrence of user behavio. It is still easy to cause the termination of user behavior due to the huge cost to the user to complete the intermediate.

Process, such as incomprehensible operations and logic, excessive long task flow. Interface noise that distracts the user, etc.

Interface Noise

Therefore, in the interaction design, it is necessary to reduce the. User’s understanding cost and Slovenia Phone Number operation cost. Here, some design principles of interaction. Design become useful,

such as: ensuring the consistency of the design, conforming to the user’s behavio.r habits, timely feedback, strong learnability,

reducing interface noise, maintaining the continuity of the. Task process, etc. The series of design principles can reduce the user’s operating costs. Further, in order to. Use the design principles more targetedly to reduce the required user behavior ability, in the specific design process. The product can be divided into information and functional interfaces for design.

The Continuity of the


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in information pages, the display and browsing. Form of information should be more in line Slovenia Phone Number with the user’s reading habits, such as vertical sliding, reduction of. Horizontal switching of the same type of information, rapid transition between information. And Slovenia Phone Numbers information, etc., such as videos in weibo streaming,

users automatically switch to the next after. Watching one video, ensuring the continuity of information. In the Slovenia Phone Numbers functional page. The task process needs to have obvious orientation and behavior reproducibility.

That is, to maintain a consistent experience in all aspects. Of the process, so that users can quickly understand what to do and how to do it at each step.

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